Meet the magical, revolutionary Mac Mount

A 4mm plexxiglass bracket for mounting various Apple devices to the underside of your desk. Designed by Apple fans for Apple fans.

Take control over mess

Secure your gadgets to the underside of your desk, with the Mac Mount. Supplied in sets of 4, each Mac Mount kit includes 4 Mac Mount brackets, Screws for fitting and easy to follow instructions. Fitting takes less than 5 minutes.

Kit Includes:

  • 4 x Mac Mount Brackets
  • 4 x Fitting Screws
  • Instructions


The Mac Mount will safely hold up to around 3.0 pounds of weight. It's designed to apply a small amount of pressure to the underside of the desk surface once your gadget is in place - helping to keep everything secure. We're currently developing Mac Mount HD for mounting Mac Book Pros and heavier items to the underside of a desk.


Keep your expensive Apple tech out of the view of prowling theives. Simply mount your device close to the rear edge of the surface it's secured to. The Mac Mount is so subtle, a theif will find it hard to look for something he doesn't know is there. Even James Bond would struggle with this one.


Are you sick of spilling coffee on your Mac Mini, or dropping staplers onto your expsensive AirPort Extreme? By bolting your gadgets to the underside of your desk, you instantly create physical, usuable space on the desk top. You'll have more room to work and your devices sit safely under your workspace, but still within easy reach.


The Mac Mount is an ideal accessory for those looking to create a super minimalist work area. When combined with cable-trunking, plenty of cable ties and screws - you can create a cable-free set-up. This makes general purpose cleaning quicker and can improve your productivity. And it looks like it was designed by Steve Jobs himself.


Thanks to it's intuitive shape, the Mac Mount can be used with a wide-range of products. Positioning the mounts closer or further away from each other to suit. We've tested the Mac Mount on a number of devices and we can personally reccomend them for use with the following devices. That said, any device within the 4cm height of the bracket and weighing less than 3.0 pounds should fit fine:
  • Mac Mini - Latest Gen 2010 model
  • AirPort Extreme Modem
  • G-Drive External Drive
  • iPhone (all generations)
  • Apple Keyboard (all versions)
  • Mighty / Magic Mouse
  • iPod (all generations)

Desk, Wall or Car Mount

Building an Apple based in-car entertainment system? Mount your Mac Mini under a chair, your dashboard or footwell. Secure it in your boot space. You can even use the Mac Mount system vertically, so why not mount your modem to the wall in your closet or behind your desk. Build yourself a wall of scratch-disks. The possiblities are numerous.


Mac Mounts will make any desk look amazing. Even the underside. Mac Minis and AirPort Extremes can be neatly tucked under your desk whilst keeping the topside clean and uncluttered. Check out the photos and see for yourself.

*The Mac Mount has been tested on a 2008 Black MacBook weighing 5.0 pounds. If you are going to use the Mac Mounts on a laptop, it is reccomended that you use 8 mounts, 4 on each side.We are developing a heavy-duty mount for use with weighty devices.

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