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We're new to Mac Accessory market

Founded in 2010, we're a small company of Apple fans, who love the Mac! We hand design useful products, that we need and use ourselves. Handy products that offer a lot more than form.

Ben Gribbin, Founder & Designer

Ben Gribbin is a freelance blogger, editor, designer and super massive Apple fan. Ben created the original Mac Mount idea, which has been developed into what it is now, a versatile, universal product. Ben is also the main-go-to-guy for new Mac Mount products, support and sales. What a busy and suprisingly good looking bloke.
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How was the Mac Mount developed?

The original Mac Mount protoype was actually hand-built by Ben using a DIY made plastic line-heater. Half way through heating, the strip heater broke and the job had to be finished with a blow torch. Fortunately, Mac Mounts are now manufactured proffesionally using an industry grade computer-aided miller, line-bending machine, and then flame polished by hand.

The original Mac Mount CAD Design, made in SketchUp. Simple, yet effective.

The original mock-ups are still going strong today, holding our office AirPort Extreme securely in place. We learned from version '1.0' a lot about the construction and height - the prototype needed packing out with an extra plastic block to suit the modem. This looked a little messy, so the production design has been modified to rid this problem.

Mac Mount 1.0, the first ever proof of concept, complete with spacers.

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